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2022 - 2023

The mediation team offers educational workshops based on the themes dealt with in the cave and in the Mediterranean gallery.

The Cosquer cave’s educational service encourages the active participation of pupils, while relying on a solid scientific background, based on the latest scientific research data. By putting into practice different teaching techniques, adapting to each school cycle (from cycle 2 (except CP) to high school and beyond), our offer allows students to live a unique, collective and personal experience.

All the workshops, all the educational programmes and the objectives proposed by the educational service will be in line with the national education programmes.

Artistic expressions in the Upper Palaeolithic

Cave art

Theoretical discovery and collective practice of artistic representations in decorated caves. Pupils discover the codes and techniques of this art, identify the subjects and highlight both the unity of these representations over gigantic space-time and the regional and local specificities of the bestiaries.

Sculpture and modelling through furniture art

In the Cosquer cave, one of the dominant techniques is engraving. With the help of specially created cave art modules, pupils will be able to discover the gestures, techniques and tools used by Palaeolithic artists to engrave on the cave walls.

Paleolithic art was also expressed outside the caves! Carved on a wide variety of supports, the sculpted and carved productions of furniture art are numerous. The participants will also try their hand at creating a statuette, using materials used by human groups contemporary with the Cosquer cave artists.

Knowledge of the cave environment in the Upper Palaeolithic

Prehistoric landscapes

Thanks to dioramas and animal figurines, pupils observe, understand and learn that landscapes, climates, fauna and flora have changed over time. The dioramas present the landscape of Cap Morgiou and the Calanque de la Triperie, during the Ice Age (Pleistocene) and today (Holocene). Thus, the environment of the Cosquer cave, its exceptional bestiary, and its state of conservation are more easily understood.

This workshop, which mixes climatic, geological, environmental and ecological knowledge, raises pupils’ awareness of one of the major issues of our time, climate change. It can be used in several cycles.

Sea level rise phenomena Understanding climate phenomena

Understanding climate phenomena

After presenting global warming and its causes, the pupils will carry out some scientific experiments to understand the phenomena of rising sea levels. For example, they can experiment directly with the phenomenon of water expansion. This workshop mixes theory and manipulation.

How to know the sea levels in the past?

The workshop presents the tools that allow us to know the past, present and future sea levels. Thanks to different objects to manipulate, the pupils will approach several scientific disciplines. For example, they will learn about the development of corals to understand how scientists use their development to deduce the sea level. But also more technical elements such as satellites or the tide gauge.

School fees

Price per student: 5€.
Teachers: free of charge within the limit of 2 lessons per class
Chaperones: 1 free
AVS: free of charge whatever the number
E-Pass Jeunes: possibility to use them for groups of high school students, 10€ (15-25 years old)

From September 2022

Visit to the cave + guided tour of the Mediterranean gallery + 1 workshop: 15€/child

Visit to the cave + guided tour of the Mediterranean gallery: 10€/child

Accompanying adults: unchanged from above, no workshop or tour fee


School groups from CE1 only.
1 accompanying person or teacher for 2 modules (i.e. 1 for 12 pupils).

Class of 28 pupils requires a minimum of 3 accompanying adults/teachers.

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